All drivers must have held a full UK manual licence for no less than 24 months. On collection the driver is required to supply and present three items. 1.) His/her DRIVERS LICENCE.
(New style plastic or old style paper only) (If old style, paper only licence, then the driver must also supply a PHOTO ID to accompany paper only licence.) 2.) A current PROOF OF ADDRESS that the issue date is dated within the last 90 days and shows drivers, names, address and issue date.
These can be items such as Bank Statements, utility bills credit card statements or similar. No mobile phone statement accepted. 3.) A ONE-TIME-USE CHECK CODE obtained from the DVLA. As of June 2015 the green paper counterpart was fazed out and replaced by this code. To obtain the code go to www.gov.uk/view-driving-licence, input drivers licence number, national insurance number and the postcode from the licence. All the driver information, will then display across all four tabs. Click on SHARE YOUR LICENCE INFORMATION on the right hand side of the screen, then click on GET A CODE. Print or copy code that appears in green banner and supply. Code is valid for 21 days or until checked at time of hire. A new code is required for every hire, no matter the time between hires. Failure to produce code means we will be required to call the DVLA. This is a £5.00 fee. We are unable to contact the DVLA on Sundays, public holidays or if the DVLA are closed for reasons beyond our control.


We accept licences from the EU, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the USA>
Driver must have held full manual licence for 24 months and supply for hire original drivers licence and passport. In addition to the drivers licence and passport, driver must supply a current proof of address. These can be items such as bank/credit card statements, utility bills of similar. Ensure the issue date is dated within the last 90 days at time of collecting vehicle. The proof of address must show drivers name, address and issue date. We do not accept international drivers licences.


Any additional drivers are required to supply the same documentation as stipulated above and are required to attend at time of hire/collection to sign additional drivers form/s.


All documents required are to be supplied each and every time a vehicle is hired. Drivers must be 21 years of age or over and 75 years of age or under and have held a full manual driving licence for no less than 24 months. Drivers under 25 are subject to additional daily fees and increased insurance excess and may incur limitations. Please call for clarification. Any driving endorsements, convictions and disqualifications, medical, mental or physical defects or infirmity should be disclosed at time of booking. We reserve the right to refuse anyone who is not fit or we believe is not fit to drive or do not fulfill the requirements.


If the driver is also the hirer then present your debit or credit card to pay. We do NOT accept Solo or Electron cards. We do NOT accept cash or cheques. If the hirer is different from the driver, then the hirer is required to supply on demand a photo ID and a proof of address and is required to attend the booking and sign the Short Term Hire Agreement. Please call regarding special circumstances such as arranging pre-paid hires.


We can arrange for driver to collect without the company cardholder to attend the booking by way of an Authorisation Letter to be completed prior to hire. This will require written authorisation on Company Headed paper and signed by cardholder. Please call to discuss procedure.